Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yuck, just HOT and humid these past few days. We are under a heat/smog alert and it's just gross to walk out in air that you can practically swim through. I just want to lie on the concrete basement floor on my back in front of a fan.
That didn't stop us from taking a drive to Fiberge ( and picking up some sock yarn. I must stock up for the winter, like a squirrel you know. I could barely stand to look at the yarn when we first walked in...just so hot. But then the yarn worked it's fiber-y spell on me and it was all good. I think the Online yarn is interesting. It's not usually a colorway that I would pick but thought that I would try and pick something different since I always tend to pick autumn colors. It's good to be flexible.

Ta-dah! Here is the first finished sock on the small circumference needles. I think I like them alot but still am partial to my dpn's. But it's nice to have some other way to make socks.

Even though it's so hot I am having a wonderful cuppa. It's Shanna's Carrot Cake tea and I really enjoy it. And it smells so good when I open the bag. I'm surprised that I haven't "smelled" all the flavor (Flava flav!!) out of it.

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Robin said...

Opal is probably my favorite sock yarn. It's the yarn I knit my first pair of socks with. I'm using ONline now and find it feels just like Opal. Will be watching your progress!!!