Thursday, February 04, 2010

Here's my new cowl. It's on as the Birthday cowl and a fun easy knit and I really like it. It's rather loose which is nice for a little bit warmer weather as it isn't snug against my neck. I also knit a cabled headband to go with it that keeps out the breeze beautifully. As was evidenced by the chilly breeze today. Which is a harbinger of the WEATHER (teehee) to come tomorrow. The "storm of the century" is on the way. Not that bad actually, but accumulating snow is the forecast. Guess I will have to warm up the shovel. *groan*. But it will be good knitting sweater and I really want to get more of the Ragna sweater done. I finished the back the other day and think that the front will go alot faster. I have the pattern done now so it goes much smoother now.I was riding down the street the other day and saw this goose standing in these huge pots. Talk about a goose in every pot! Made me laugh. Actually there were 2 standing quite tall and proud but by the time I could get the cell phone out it was too late to catch both.

Here's today's vegan lunch. Mushroom and walnut marinated mustard greens, mac and "cheese", and tempeh "meatloaf". Yum! I will definately make it all again. And very good comfort food on a cold night.

I have my cuppa strawberry green tea and getting my knitting ready to watch "The Office" and then "The Mentalist". Keep warm and safe!

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Robin said...

That goose is so funny! They are definitely EVERYWHERE! Love the cowl and the plate of food. I swear everything you cook looks delicious!