Monday, February 15, 2010


A Haiku

Snow-it's the white death.

I'm tired of shoveling.

The snow-disgusting.

That's about the only civil thing I can think to say right now. I'm sick of shoveling and the driveway gets smaller every time. I am running out of places to push the snow. And the snow plow just keeps throwing more slushie crud in the bottom of the drive. I have to move it away because I don't want it to freeze on the driveway because I like to get out when needed.

Okay. I bought myself a birthday present yesterday and I just can't decide which project to knit first. Here's the book. I love it. The colors are so vibrant and mixed.

Here's the first one I want: The Bloomsbury gauntlets.

The next: Last minute mitts.

And finally: cuffed socks.

Here are the colors that I have for the project. The dark one on the top left is actually a nice, deep,dark purple. The main color will be the orange-y color on the right side(the colors didn't come up great...the ball in the front is actually red). So what do you all think? Which one should I knit first?
I was going knit in the Knitting Olympics but decided to finish what I have been working on instead. I know, aren't I oh so good? I have been diligently knitting on my Ragna sweater and have only 7" more to go on the front before decreasing for the neck. I'm going to try and finish it this week. In between shoveling.
Tomorrow I am going to try and cook some things because, well, I like to eat. And in this weather it seems all I want is CARBS! But, unless I want to be the size of a hibernating bear, I must make some vegetable dishes! Soup sounds like a good winter meal so I will make lentil and greens soup with orzo. And some bread.
Now my tea is ready (Harney's White Christmas tea..the BEST!) I saved some as a special treat and now the pot is ready to drink. I think I will put on some jimjams and have a cuppa while I slog away on Ragna.
Stay warm and safe all.

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Lynda said...

This book looks fantastic - happy birthday!
I love the gaunlets...must look out for the book ;0)