Monday, February 08, 2010

Here are better pictures of my stuff at the library.
The vest is one that I knitted for mom. We were putting the window together and needed something to fill in the left side. Mom took off the vest and offered it up right then.
Of course, now she misses it!
I really like my felted bag but it needs more pockets. I think maybe I will make myself another one at some point. With more pockets.
The clothesline idea is cute, no? Thanks mom.

All in all I think it looks pretty nice.
I think I have a doppleganger at the library. She always has most of the same books on hold as do I and what are the chances that it's knitting, vegan, alternative health and similar items? Yet I have no idea who she is except her name and taste in books. Very odd.
Lunch! Mushroom marinated mustard (love the alliteration!) greens, mac 'n "cheese" and tempeh/oatmeal loaf with mushroom gravy. Very tasty and a good meal for a cold day.

The "white death" came and it was a pain. The wet/slushy stuff is soooo hard to shovel. But did get the driveway clear. Just in time for the next hit. *sigh* But I made a trip to Traders today and stocked up on things.
Did you ever have one of those days where you just want to stay in bed? I cannot find my size 6 double points and I KNOW that I have a set. I can even see them. They are 4" long, which is the perfect size for a pair of worsted weight socks, and I know this because I have used them to make myself at least 5 pairs with them. So where are they? Not only that but I went to one of the yarn shops today to replace them (and one of them was completely out of 6's! What's that about?) and when I got home and got the bag out of the back...3 of the 5 needles are missing. Excuse me?!? When I put the bag in the car all of them were in there. I have torn the car apart and looked everywhere and can't find them. And why only 3? Don't you think that all of them would have slid out or whatever? Obviously there is some kind of plot that involves size 6 dpn's that I'm not privy to. Fine.

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Lynda said...

Great library display.
Yes i have those days too!