Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rufus says "HI". He likes to look at the camera...right before taking a bite out of it! They love to have their picture taken. Finally got some decent weather! Here is a picture of the plain "car sock" that I'm knitting right now. I am in the back seat of the car because our neighbor wanted to come out and run some errands with us. She is older and it was still slushy/icy in some spots (especially her driveway) so we picked her up and did some shopping. Found some great vegetable buys at the market where we get alot of our produce. But they were out of all their greens except a few bundles of kale. Guess greens are the thing to eat this weekend.

Got myself a fun treat today. At one of my lys they have a frequent shopper card that when it's filled you get $25.00 free. I filled mine today and brought home the coolest dvd--"50 Socks-50 States plus designs for Canada, Mexico and the US Territories". That's 58 patterns total. I thought that was the best bang for the buck since it was only $24.95. Sweet. As soon as I finish Ragna (got the front done last night!Only sleeves to go) I will pick one to knit.
Here is some fabulous soup I made yesterday. It's lentil, greens and orzo soup. Just delicious and quite healthy. Since it has beans (lentils) and pasta (orzo) it is a whole protein so all that's needed is a tasty slice of bread. Which I have since my neighbor just made a lovely loaf of homemade bread and shared some with me. It looks so good. Of course, to me there is nothing better than a slice of homemade bread right out of the oven with some Earth Balance margarine slathered on top. Mmmmm. Better than dessert in my opinion.

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