Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ahhhh. I love when the weather is just warm enough to have the windows and back door open. I just like to sit in the family room by the back door and just feel the sun warming my back and a little breeze whispering through every so often. If I just had the computer facing the door I'd be set. It's so lovely and green out and the lawn is freshly mown so that's out of the way for several days. Which is good since the mower just stopped self-propelling and had to go out and get a new one. *sigh* Well, you know what they say. "If it's not one thing, it's your mother." Hahahaha. Oops silly me.
Here's what I'm knitting right now. It's a sampler sock from "The Big Book of Socks" and I'm almost half finished with the second one. I thought the yarn would show the patterns better than they do but still it's a fun knit and it does look good. The yarn is "Walk Away" sock yarn by Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby and was a good buy at $9.95 for over 400 yds. I know I probably should have used a solid yarn but until just recently I didn't have but one skein stashed away. I know....crazy, right? But I got some lovely Opal solids from and will pick out a good textured pattern to show off.
Here's my latest "try" in cooking. It's a ''quiche" from The Urban Vegan cookbook and definately a winner. I sauteed greens, mushrooms, and onions and topped with sliced tomatoes and panko. I love panko as topping on just about anything. It's a good cheese substitute sprinkled on pasta. And I really like the crunch.

I made some great "pesto" out of spinach with pecans and basil and some with arugula and walnuts. Yum. I keep it in the freezer and just made a great pasta dish with some yesterday. So good.
Since it's starting to warm up now I've been craving more salads and spreads for sandwiches. Yesterday I made a wonderful potato bread but gave the loaf to Amanda because I figured I would make another loaf today. I suppose I will have to make one tomorrow since today seemed full of trying to find a lawn mower that didn't cost more than the car...teehee.
Well, I'm off to get another cuppa and have some dinner before sitting down with my knitting and watching the final "Ugly Betty". I really like that show and hopefully I can find some of the seasons for less than $45.00!
Enjoy the lovely day all!

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