Friday, April 30, 2010

Picture-heavy post ahead.

Been to some of the garden centers to start getting some of my herbs to plant. I only use pots so I don't get too many...besides, I don't do "well" with plants. Not a green thumb at all. But the majority of the herbs that I got last year did okay so I am attempting to have more. I planted 3 basil plants (why yes, I do like basil, why do you ask?), sage, apple mint (smells divine),and curly leaf parsley. Some of the basil is ready to pick so dinner tonight is pasta with fresh 5 minute basil and tomato sauce from La Dolce Vegan. I got some lovely tomatoes on the vine and they are just ready to eat.

At one of the garden centers (Varnau) they have animals so here are some of the fun shots.

Chickens! They were busy studying the cell phone.

These are their 2 emus, Charles and Camilla. I don't know which is which and I thought it was rude to ask them...teehee.

The goat was quite cute...but wanted to eat the cell phone. Sure did like having his/her head scratched.

You can barely see the goat on the hut but he sure looked unpleasant.

Peacocks both male and female. The male was really trying to impress the lady who couldn't seem to care less.

I think he's attractive but since I'm not a bird, what do I know?

He was one proud rooster.

Another male trying his best.

Here are my toasted coconut cupcakes with coffee "buttercream" frosting. Sooooooo good. Unfortunately I only have one more. Guess I'll have to make some more.

This is a barley "risotto" with mushrooms and kale and beans. Just fabulous.

Been knitting up a storm and will have photos of that next time.

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