Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Actual knitting content ahead....cover your eyes if you don't believe me! Teehee.
This is the scallop shawl pattern from Bernat. Very fun and cool to knit. I definately recommend going to their website and download it. It isn't quite as big as the picture but it came out a decent size. I am happy with it. These are a pair of gloves from Kristin Nichols' book. I can't remember which one but they are wild looking.

The fair-isle slows me down a little but they are a pretty fast knit. I like to make them longer so my hands stay warm. Plus you can't go wrong with longer gloves!
We will definately need them this week. Today was in the 20*s and snow flurries. I guess December arrived with a bang. At least we didn't get inches of snow. Of course, we had over 2" of rain on Tuesday so we really didn't need any more precipitation. I am glad that the drought is over but did it really have to catch up all in one day?
Okay, off to finish my glove. Stay warm!

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