Friday, December 14, 2007

Knitting going on like crazy here. Finished the "giant" socks for A. and gave them to her yesterday for her birthday. Happy Birthday A.! I think she really liked them. The second sock was much easier on the Bryson flexibles so they went alot faster.

Have been doing some Christmas knitting so haven't gotten alot of other stuff done. But here's a peek at my new sock yarn. Isn't it purty? I won it from and I call it "Barbra" for it's former owner. Just doing a generic sock pattern but I think that I'm going to branch out next sock and do a pattern. I have to decide which one. Something simple but a little challenging. I am still working on the toes-up sock,which is fun, so maybe I'll do another one of those. Anyone have a good suggestion for a sock pattern?

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