Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here's a not-so good close-up of the Irish hiking scarf. Today was COLD! Windy and some sleet. Had to run to lys and get another set of dpn's-size 3-and wore my scarf, mittens, and the "beast". Boy, was I warm. And wore my hat that I knitted from the first issue of Knit1.
Finished the first big sock and started on the second. And some other things that will have to wait for awhile to post them.
Put a new handle on the screen door today and was it cold. I mean, my fingers were so cold that I couldn't hardly feel the screws to put it together. And, of course, it isn't working so I will have to go out tomorrow and try and fix it. At least it will be warmer tomorrow. I hope I can figure out what is the problem.
Going to rain here tomorrow but at least it isn't snow. Not yet anyway.

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