Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finished object alert! These are not the best pictures (cell phone camera) but you get the general ideal. I love the yarn...Lorna Lace's Shepherds superwash. Just yum. Unfortunately the first pair that I made were a little big but fit A. perfectly. I used size 8's which were to gauge but went down to a size 7's for me. I have one more to make and I will finish them tomorrow because I will need them on Monday. We are supposed to have a cold blast.
I would have worked on them tonight but A. and I went to Barnes and Noble to read (and mock) magazines. I didn't find any knitting magazines to buy. :( I did see a pattern or two in a couple but 1 pattern isn't really worth buying the whole magazine.
Off to knit, have a good night all.

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