Monday, February 11, 2008

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! The white death is approaching. Everyone run to the store and buy everything that you can carry home. You would think that we never had snow here. Although we are supposed to get anywhere between 4-6" and then some sleet/freezing rain/ice and if we don't get that then we can double the snow amount. Well, alrighty then. I got some dvd's from the library and have some books on cds and my knitting so it can go ahead and snow. They are forecasting temperatures in the upper 30's by Thursday so it should melt by then. Let's hope so...Saturday is my birthay lunch at Twin Dragon Chinese Buffet....mmmmmm. They have the best Mongolian grill and really fresh vegetables so I can't wait. Plus I invited the "art/knitting" group and some friends so it should be fun. No presents or anything, I just wanted to have lunch.

The sock is mine and the pair is done. Woohoo! They are VERY sturdy and warm.
YARN:Red Heart Strata--color-Cherryberry
PATTERN: Starter Stockinette from Knit Socks!
NEEDLES:size 2 dpns.
Next time I will knit the ribbing on 2's and the rest on 3's. The material is very dense and not very flexible. But nice socks.
Working on a pair for A. in a k1,p1 pattern on size 5's. These will be very stretchy and I think she will be verra pleased with them.
Well, still no "albino brain suckers" but I have my tea (Tea of Good Tidings from Republic of Tea). Unfortunately it was the last little bit of it but managed to get a pot from it. Getting ready to put on my jimjams and get all settled in for the weather...heehee. See you when I stick my head out from under the covers!

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