Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hooray for me! I finally was able to conquer the heel pattern on the toe-up sock and managed to get it turned and am well on the way up the leg. I found a pattern that had the same number of stitches and explained it SO much better. It really wasn't that hard but I was having sinus/headache problems and the thinking wasn't so great. And since math is BAD (at least for me) I just didn't deal with it very well. All is well now and will probably finish the first one tomorrow. I would have gotten it finished today but....snow!! We only got about 2" but I needed to shovel the drive 'cause we are supposed to have sleet and freezing rain tomorrow and who needs that on top of snow. Then I made orzo pilaf with pearl onions and peas and some fabulous strawberry (fresh) cornmeal muffins. I did knit some but seemed to go so slowly that I just decided to sit here and read some blogs and maybe play on Ravelry. Bad,bad ravelry. I just love to look around on there. Such fun.

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