Saturday, February 09, 2008

So I'm walking up the driveway from getting the mail...lalalalalala...when I look up and see (don't be scared!) a raccoon in the chimney with it's head sticking up in the chimney capper!!! I didn't know that they could get under the ones with mesh but obviously they can. So I have the hav-a-heart trap out and a radio blaring heavy-duty rock and roll into the chimney waiting to see if we can "flush" it out that way. The one company we called wanted $450.00 (no credit cards or checks) and he was rude so I cancelled the appointment. I am sure we can lure it out but if not I will find a company that can get it out and put up one of the new stainless steel caps. Lovely.

On the knitting front my finger is better so I finished my Red Heart Strata socks and started A.'s pair. Here's a shot of them. Why is it that legs look so fat from that angle? Well, they are but still.

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Robin said...

Perfect for Valentine's Day socks! Glad the finger is better!