Saturday, March 08, 2008

I am sick and tired of shoveling snow! We had 11-13'' with blizzard conditions and lots of blowing snow. What a crock!! I would no sooner get the walk cleared then it would be covered again. But at least it has stopped snowing and it's only cold,cold,cold. And the roads are terrible.

The upside of this is that I have gotten some knitting finished. I decided to work on my ufo's (I really only have 2 that I've been working on ...well mostly off) and I finished one today. Yah for me. It was the slim-line tunic from Lion Brand and I'm pretty pleased with it. I made one for myself last year but decided to make it a size bigger 'cause I thought it might be a little roomier. Actually it is a little large but I can always wear a turtleneck underneath if it's cold. I feel really good about getting it finished so I will work on my celtic sweater/poncho next. Because other than running across the street to the grocery store I don't think we will be going anywhere tomorrow. Still COLD and cruddy so stay at home will be fine.

Here's a picture of the linked rib scarf from "Knitting New Scarves" that we are knitting for the kal. The color doesn't show well but it's the "surf and turf'' that I used for Amanda's socks. It makes a nice,thick scarf and so far I like it alot.

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