Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ahhh. Pretty new cabled Starbucks mug. I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday from a friend and it was a Starbucks gift card! Totally blew me away. I was so surprised and overwhelmed at her kindness!! And I ''loves" the new mug.

Wow! So windy today. Almost blew us over walking outside. At least it's the low 70*s. Weird. And tomorrow will be in the 40*s. Then everyone gets sick from the weather swings. And because they all get stupid and run around in shorts and short sleeves. Hello!?! It's pneumonia weather as my gramma used to say.
About half finished with the Daily sweater and am going to get working on that tonight. I'd like to get the body finished at least. So I can start on the chullo hat.


Bobbi said...

I also received one of those mugs. I was shocked to see it was from Starbucks.

Robin said...

I got one of those mugs, too. I loved Starbucks' decorations this year. I think they did it with us knitters in mind!

Irascible Housewife said...

That's the same mug I bought someone else for Christmas. Hmmm... should have bought myself one, too.