Saturday, December 06, 2008

Here is one of my Starbucks mugs that I am using today. And check out the decent photo. New phone! Went to Verizon yesterday with the "new" refurbished phone they sent me and was still having the problem, not to mention the fact that it came without a battery!?! What?? So they were very nice and the phone seemed to work just fine. Until this morning when I still couldn't get calls or make any. I think it's probably a good thing to be able to do both with a cell phone.
So off to Verizon we went again. And it's the 20*'s and snowing and WINDY. Planned on staying in today and just knitting and watching "The Office" on dvd. Grrrr. But the same person helped me again and said that I was due an upgrade so I got a new phone and will only cost $25.00 after the $50.00 rebate. That's fine 'cause the phone works! Woohoo.
I did lose the photos and notes that I had on my old phone when they switched the battery which is annoying because I don't remember all the notes that I had on it. But at least it works and I am happy.
Got some chai concentrate today....chai peppermint...mmmm. Sounds yummy and I can make it with the Soysilk "egg"nog that I bought. Krogers had it on clearance for $1.71 which is a ridiculously low price so I bought several. It's fabuolous on oatmeal. I also like to make "egg"nog muffins with some.

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