Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boring picture day. Haven't really done much this week so here's a shot from inside the library. It's actually pretty big as it's a regional branch. I love the library. Picked up some things that I had on hold and some dvd's to watch.
One of the books was Nicki Epsteins' new book and there are some great patterns in there. One of the things that I think I must knit is this. The Baltic cap. The armwarmers are also nifty.I've been knitting madly on the Daily Sweater and have less than 2 1/2" left on the body before the ribbing. Woohoo! Then just the sleeves and Voila! A finished sweater. Then onto the daunting Chullo hat. Although I'm sure if I take it one line at a time it will be fine.
I'm all ready for the new year...come and get me! I've never really been one to go out on New Year's so I'm in a nice,soft pair of flannel jimjams with a pot of Joy and Comfort tea (from Tea of Republic-a Christmas prezzie although I got to open it earlier) and a stack of dvd's to choose from. I have everything from movies to documentaries to series. So plenty to choose and knitting to go with. Happy New Year to all and be safe and warm.

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