Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ponies! Aren't they cute??
In the little "town" where I live is the annual ride the carriage around the square. And here are the horses that are the stars. If it weren't so darn cold I probably would have gone for a ride. The building on the left in the back is the local coffee shop where they have good coffee and great iced tea. In the summer every Thursday evening the city has a ''cruise-in" with antique cars and music, and you can sit out on the coffe shop's deck and knit and have a great veggie wrap and just enjoy the atmosphere.Sorry about the double pictures. But enjoy the double dose.

New yarn.Went to today in their new space and it's nice! Lots of yummy new yarns and of course some of it had to follow me home. I love this color. It's destined to be another pair of fliptop "glittens" for me. Yah.
The yarn on the left is a dk weight and will be a pair of socks for mom. The Happy Feet was just so cool that I had to have a couple of skeins.
This may also be a pair of "glittens" but haven't decided. Whew. Cold out today though. Yesterday it was 60* and today it's 29*. At least we didn't have the snow that everyone else seems to have gotten. But I will be glad to have my new "glittens" finished. I made them extra long so they didn't expose any skin and I" loves" them.


Irascible Housewife said...

Yay, ponies! Yay, Yarns and Fabrications website!!

The Holistic Knitter said...

I like James Brett's Marble yarn ;0)