Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner tonight. Baked macaroni and vegetables, homemade sun-dried tomato bread and broiled asparagus with lemon. Very good.
So. Art night tonight. I didn't realize that we were exchanging gifties tonight and I got some wonderful things. Fabulous stitch markers from Anna, earrings from Shanna (as well as handmade soap and ginger cookies tea and tangerines!) and a beautiful votive glass/candle covered with yarn (so pretty) from Sheri. Unfortunately the rest of us were unprepared and woefully ashamed.

Crap weasel loser

Jill and Amanda and I

didn't celebrate.

But we will make it right when we meet after Christmas. So there.

And nutty/loner/unsocial guy wasn't there so that's a plus. But here's a haiku in honor of him.

Guy in the tower

duffle with guns and ammo

thinks he is social.

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Irascible Housewife said...

You totally rock -- great haikus, both of them! And the dinner you made sounds scrumptious.

It was my pleasure sharing those gifts with everyone and I truly hope that they bring you much joy. :)