Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here are lots of pictures. These are fancy little chocolate cream cookies that I bought down at the Indian grocery down the street. I like to buy the little treats to try. These are very good (and vegan!); not too sweet but with a nice amount of chocolate cream in between. And you just can't go wrong with anything chocolate! These are pictures from down at the park.The creek getting a little lower since we haven't had any rain for a week but still chuckling merrily away as it runs over the rocks.
At this park there is a historical village with houses and barns and they have programs rather like a living history. Last week was the civil war reenactment there. One of the largest in the area. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to go but saw some of it on a PBS program about Ohio from last year. We were sitting at the park a few days before it happened and they had schools come so the children could experience it. Unfortunately we didn't know they were going to shoot off the cannons! My needles almost flew out the car window and I jumped about a foot. Geesh!

New yarn acquistions. I went to the lys the other day, just to browse,you understand. I mustv'e blacked out somehow because these came with me. When I walked in, the two employees said "Didn't you just buy some sock yarn the other week?" Well, first of all, it was last month and secondly...I already knitted those socks. And I don't need to 'splain myself to you. No,no, no. I really didn't say that last bit but chuckled to myself as I browsed the yarn. I think they should be talking me INTO buying more yarn, not remembering what I bought the last time....teehee.

The yarn on the left is DiVe and is destined to become a cowl/neck warmer. I used some of this to make one last winter and really like it. Plus, it was on sale. Score!

The yarn below is a lovely baby alpaca lace weight that either will be a small wrap/shawl or a very extravagent pair of socks. I bet they will be sooooooo soft. And I "loves" the color. So rich.

And the obligatory sock yarn. I like the muted colors. It's got some bamboo which makes for very comfortable, soft socks.

Here is lunch from yesterday. A lovely, crusty ciabatta grilled with soy margarine and soy Parmesan until toasty.With radishes, avocado,spinach, and a soy mayo/dijon mustard mix. Very tasty. I really enjoyed it. With a fresh mango on the side. Delish!

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Daniele said...

Nice stash acquisitions! I just got a skein of that Plymouth sock yarn the other day. It's a pretty close match. Let me know how you end up liking it. :)