Saturday, May 09, 2009

This is what I finished knitting this week. They're for mom and she loves them. The yarn is Berrocco Comfort Socks, which I don't really care for because it's just so soft. I knit the ribbing on a smaller size needle and it seems to have done the trick.

Here are my new herbs. The flowered ones are chives and the flowers are edible. I think a nice salad will be in store for those. Then I bought Candy mint,which has a subtle peppermint smell. Lemon Balm and more basil round them out. They smell soooo good.
For dinner tonight I had ravioli (tofu garden herb) with a butter(soy) sage sauce. Absolutely fabulous! And the pineapple sage is so tasty.
Went to Trader Joe's and here are the flowers they had outside. So pretty. Bought some baby bok choy and some good looking brussel sprouts and can't wait to make them. I love bok choy. Nice and crunchy.

Here is what I made for dinner last night. Spinach tomato pasta bake. Even better the next day. Which is often the way with casseroles.I have been knitting on the never-ending UFO of the Celtic poncho. The end is getting close! I'm going to finish it this month or know why not!


Robin said...

I know purchasing cut flowers are such a waste of money but I LOVE them! They're a little bit of happy! That casserole sounds tasty!

Daniele said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the lovely flowers and yummy casserole!

I'm sure your Mom is enjoying those socks immensely!