Friday, May 29, 2009

Mug o' the day. Nice and spring-like,no? Here are some more photos from the crazy shopping experience at Mom is visiting the "Victoria Falls" heehee.

The following are the little side shops that carry the products from that country.

It's fun to poke around in each one to see what's interesting.

Crepes anyone?

How about a nice cuppa Irish breakfast?

Stroop waffles for all.
Here's what you see when coming in/leaving. The man that owns the place likes to buy all kinds of really strange things and then tries to find someplace to put them.

The sharks over the fresh fish tanks.

Cute elephant but blue.

Hope you enjoyed the visit!


Robin said...

Looks like fun!

Jane said...

I've heard about this place, but great to see some pics. Thanks for dropping by my blog.