Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's what I made with some of my new tasty herbs. It's a lovely herb foccaccia with roasted tomatoes and onions. Why look! A piece is missing. Hmmm. Wonder where it went? Very tasty.Now for dessert. Some mini vegan coconut "cream"pie tarts. My copy of Vegetarian Times came and one of the articles was by a blogger that I read all the time. And I have her cookbook which is great. So I went ahead and made a few of the recipes and they were delicious! And the tarts are wonderful. Just the correct ratio of pie to crust. Yum.

These are some shots from Jungle Jim's where we went on Mother's Day. They have a great produce department and got alot of wonderful deals.

The store is full of all kinds of wacky items and lots of jungle animals with sounds,etc. You can wander around there for hours and still not see everything. There are all kinds of different sections from India to England and everywhere in between with items from each country. And ever so many teas! Here is one of the things that I've been working on now. It's the Bluebell socks from "101 Designer One-Skein Wonders" and the yarn is Tofutsies. I like the yarn but it's a little splitty so will use a needle with a sharper point next time. I have been working on it mostly when we go to the park so it's taking a little while to finish.

Although...ta dah! Here is the first one finished.
I've been working feverishly on the Celtic poncho. Yes, the very one UFO and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm off to work on it now while I'm on a roll.


Daniele said...

I'm still drooling!! Those tarts look so yummy.

At first I thought the animals were real! LOL - I was like, OMG, there's a GIRAFFE in there! hee hee

Looks like you had a great time. The socks are looking great too. :)

Lynda said...

the foccaccia looks yummy - I make one with sundried tomatoes, olives and rosemary - mine doesn't last long either!