Thursday, May 28, 2009

The sock that I carry in my purse goes to the mechanic to have an oil change. Actually, the Honda had an oil change and the sock just sat back and watched. At least there was a nice breeze so it was fine to sit outside and knit.Went to Half-Price Bookstores the other day and picked up some treasures. On top of the good prices they were also having a 20% off everything sale. Score! This little cookbook ended up being under $2.50.

Also found a couple of knitting books.

Everyone should have a Lily Chin book.Lookie what came from Patternworks today! My Mini Mochi yarn and a fun free wristlet pattern. I love the color-Intense-I think it will match my crazy socks. I am all finished knitting triangles and seaming them together into diamonds!! Now onto knitting the sleeves. I was going to use my size 3-16" needle but I can't find it anywhere. Now,I keep all my needles in the same place and didn't pull them out to use on anything. I hate when that happens. So I just ordered another pair from KnitPicks and they should be here in a few days. I suppose I could use the 40'' circular I have but the cord is so long and such a pain. I think that I shall cast on for my wristlets....*whistling and looking the other way*.

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Anna Bananas said...

Ohhhh! I love the 101 things books - I have the crock pot one. You'll have to bring your lily chin book because I don't know who she is and I guess I really should!! Hope to see you monday!