Monday, September 24, 2007

Is it ever going to cool down???? I don't think so. Or rain. We are 13 1/2 inches short and it is sooooooo dry and dusty. The heat broke a record today...over 94* and hasn't been that hot on this date since 1939. And we have had over 50 days in 2007 over 90*. Just awful. Happy first day of fall (insert sarcasm here).
The Irish hiking scarf is almost finished. 3 skeins and it looks nice and good and long. I ordered more yarn for a sweater made of it. I think that I am going to knit it just in garter stitch because the yarn really doesn't need any fancy stitches. I picked the Lion Brand one-stitch cardigan to work so it should be pretty fast.
Art night was fun tonight but I do hate when it starts getting dark so early. Makes me just want to put on some jammies and curl up under a blanket with a good book and a cuppa tea. Having some right now. It's called "tropical surprise" and the base is roobioos and lots of cinnamon, cornflowers, and other fruits and herbs. Very different and tasty.

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Robin said...

I'm with you on this heat! Hate it! So hot and dry here allllll summer. Cities below us are rationing water and we cross our fingers everytime we turn the faucet on - so afraid our well will go dry. I don't think I'll have to turn the furnace on all winter -- I've stored up enough heat to last me until next year!