Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is the lace weight yarn that I bought at Yarn Market. It's 800 yards and I have no idea what to do with it but it was sooooooooo pretty and soft that I had to have it. I'll have to eventually find the perfect pattern. But for now I will just pet it and tell it how lovely it is.

Finished the Irish Hiking scarf yesterday and I must is very attractive. Used up all three skeins so it is long enough to wrap around, which is how I like my scarves.

It RAINED last night and alot of today!! Woohoo. It was somewhat cooler also but still hot and sticky. But the rain was so nice. Even had thunder and lightning which was almost a surprise since it had been so long. It was a wonderful "nap" day but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to indulge since I had to take the van to get new tires because one had a slow leak. So I knit on the sock while waiting...I am now working on the heel flap and am girding up to turn the heel. (I know I can, I know I can). Tomorrow I have to have AAA come and jump the Honda as the battery is dead, dead, dead. Nothing like having 2 broken cars. Hopefully it is only the battery and not the alternator. We shall see. And I suppose I will have some time to work on the sock while waiting for that.

Started on a hat today-"Hilda" from Lion Brand Just Hats. Unfortunately I must have made a mistake when writing out the pattern because I can't figure out how to get to the next part. I went to the library to see if the book was there (hahaha, I really knew it wouldn't be, but hope springs eternal). It wasn't so I had to put a hold on it. Hopefully it will be here in the next couple of days.

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