Friday, September 28, 2007

Much cooler today. Yah! Very enjoyable. Enjoying a nice cup of Jasmine Estate tea...mmm...and getting ready to knit some more today. I have been working on the slim-line tunic from Lion Brand which is knit side-to-side and is a v-neck. Made one for A. and one for myself in a beautiful autumn colorway and it turned out so nice that I decided to make myself another one. This one is in shades of blue.
I did work on the heel flap of the sock yesterday. I am getting ready to turn the heel soon. I just got Ann Budd's new sock book from the library yesterday and the pictures of turning the heel just made a light go on in my head. I know how to do it but just couldn't really "see" it but now I am raring to go.
Since the rain all day yesterday it smells like fall out now. Very damp and fallen leaves. I love when you get that first whiff of fall. I do hate that it gets dark so early though. Now it's dark by 7:30 and cooling down fast. Going to be in the 50*'s tonight. Yah! Will be good to sleep when it's cooler.

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