Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Got a lovely surprise from Jill on art night. Tea! She went to Boston and brought us all back some tea from this place called So nice...thanks Jill!! She's the best.
Everyone got some different. M. and I got a total of 4: Green Tea with Pear, Kir Royale, Gingerbread, and Creme de la Earl Grey which smells absolutely fabulous. I had a pot of the Gingerbread today, which is a great tea for fall and the smell....mmmmmm. Also had the green with pear which was different. The smell was very reminiscent of ? what? I'm still not sure. I liked it when it was hot but when it cooled some I didn't really care for it. But hot it's pretty good.

On the knitting front I have finally finished the back of the "beast" or the garter-stitch cardigan. Whew! And almost finished with the first of A's sock. Maybe I will get those done this weekend and can cast-on a pair for me. Oh...still working on the toe-up pair so I suppose I should finish those first. Sigh...oh alright.

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Robin said...

Thanks for the TeaLuxe link. What a variety! And, the descriptions of each kind sound wonderful! I like that they give you brewing info, too. I saved it in my favorites.