Sunday, January 04, 2009

Here's a shot of the sky on Friday. It's pretty much been like that all weekend but raining and gloomy today.
Here's a pair of "plain vanilla" socks that I have by my bedside and work on when I can't sleep. They are Sockotta yarn and I think the color is very nice and bright to work on this time of year. I am almost finished with the Daily sweater but I have decided that I'm not happy with the neck. Everything else seems to be good but that neck. I haven't seen anyone else's that looks like that. It's just too big and floppy. I guess that I can undo the cast on and rip down a few rows and then knit back up and decrease as I go. Any ideas from anyone?
I am on the sleeves so not too much longer to go. I got the majority of the ribbing done last night watching "Funny Girl". Haven't seen it since the 70's and mom was watching it. I decided to watch when I realized that I was singing along and knew all the words. Scary. I sometimes can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday but can remember lyrics from songs 30 years ago. Sheesh.
We meet tomorrow night for art night/fight club! Yah. Seems like forever since we've seen each other so it'll be nice. Plus, it's always a bonus to get to go to Borders. Who doesn't like the bookstore?

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Irascible Housewife said...

Yay, art night!!! I miss everyone. :(