Friday, December 10, 2010

Mug o' the day shot. It's my new Christmas mug (and I got it for $3.95 at Starbucks the other day....sweet!). Tonight it's filled with Caribe from Harney tea
So good. I ordered my winter's tea and it just arrived yesterday. The hardest part is deciding which one to have first. The Hot Cinnamon Spice is fabulous and very warming, which will definately be nice on Sunday since we are supposed to be having some wicked weather. Snow and wind and maybe 2-4". Sounds like a day to sit inside and knit with a hot cuppa. I made some Cranberry Autumn and .....sooooo good.
Stealth knitting is all finished now and I'm trying to finish a pair of socks for mom and then I'm going to make a few things for me! I got some lovely Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand to make a cabled cardigan that should be nice and warm.
I also bought a bunch of Cascade 220 for quite cheap when Yarns and Fabrications went out of business. I am starting a pair of cabled socks from The Big Book of Socks and they look like a fun knit.
Had to buy a new washing machine the other day :(. Poor front loader finally gave up the ghost. They delivered the new one today and it has been merrily washing since. Luckily the laundry didn't pile up too much!
This is a pizza I made the other day for dinner. Yum. All kinds of veggies and Daiya cheese. Definately tastes like a cheesy pizza. That's the best cheese substitute that I've had yet. It melts great and tastes even better. It even makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese was the food that I missed most when I became vegan so I was used to not having it at all. A very nice surprise when it came out on the market.
Okay. The laundry is done so I am off. Have a great weekend and stay warm and dry.

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