Friday, February 24, 2006

&*^&(%&%(/!! Aw man! I finished my sweater last night (the ecru one) and when I tried it on I looked like a whole ham trying to stuff into a sandwich bag. Not the best look for me, or anyone. It is much too short for me so I picked up stitches from the bottom and am knitting for about another 8". Nothing more fun than spending all that time knitting and working a pattern that is new and then having a huge disappointment. Hopefully it will look decent when it is a little longer. Note to self...only long sweaters and vests that cover and drape like a Hefty bag. I also found a few mistakes that to me are very glaring and I'm sure A. will be able to point them out the minute she sees it. GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR. I am trying to finish the tunic sweater from Oat Couture so I can start something else. That probably won't fit either. Oh well, win some, lose some.

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