Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am halfway through two sweaters now. One is a cardigan from the Aug.-Oct. issue of CastOn, the Town Square cardigan. I am knitting it in a very pretty ecru with flecks...I call it the "Fleckru". The other is a tunic type from an Oat Couture pattern. Pretty easy and I am knitting the bulky version as I had some Lion Brand Homespun that was just begging me to use it.
I went to a new knitting group tonight. Well, new for me. They meet one of the local Barnes and Nobel bookstores and it was nice. I especially enjoyed the fact that alot of them read the same blogs as I and go the same places. I will probably go again...plus, there was Starbucks and coffee is always a plus.

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an dueling said...

back on Jan 14th you mentioned the big easy sweater by melissa leapman.
i have been trying to get that issue of the magazine, every store i went to was out. i have seen the sweater made up, so i went on a seach for the pattern, which is no where to be found in omaha ne !!
i was wondering if there was any way you could share a copy of the pattern with me, i will be happy to pay for it.
i found your blog by doing a google search for "Big easy Sweater"

ann dueling
omaha ne