Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting away and not watching the Olympics. I went to the library the other day and got several books on tape since there is nothing on t.v. for the next two weeks. There are a few things on PBS but that's about it. But I have gotten some good knitting done. Just started on the sleeves of my cardigan and I will probably have that finished this week. Also am now on the back of my tunic sweater which will be the last thing I am going to knit in Homespun. I like it but after wearing it has a tendency to "bloom". Fuzz is fine when that is what I am going for but not so much on this.
Just got the yarn yesterday for my big project. I saw this gorgeous poncho...I know,I know... in the Knitter's magazine, January 2006. It's the celtic poncho by Nicki Epstein and I just had to knit it. I am going to have it in the pile as I don't have the needles for it yet. Oh darn,a trip to the lys. sigh. But it should be really interesting to knit. I hope.

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