Thursday, January 10, 2008

Aarrrrrrrrrggghhhh! I hate when I lose my post. Okay, let's see. Mail today. The UPS guy is always trying to guess what is in the package he's delivering. Totally stumped him with the yarn. Here's the first one that popped out of the bag. Guess what I'm going to make with it (psst. it rhymes with locks) heehee. These are for me.

Here is a picture of the first finished Bit of Lace sock for A. She was kind enough to try it on when we were at Borders having "art" night. I didn't make it long enough in the foot and had to tear it out and make it longer. Which was fine because I didn't really like the grafting of the toe and the second time was much better.

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Robin C said...

Hi there,
saw your comment on Robin H. blog and was wondering if you're coming to the retreat this weekend. If so, can't wait to meet you.

Another Robin,

Robin C