Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here is the intarsia sweater...finished. Neither color is true--it is more of a pink/mauve color. But I think it came out quite cute and I hope K. finds it warm (and fits). I also made a pair of socks to go along with it...very fast and cute also.
Now I am going to finish my pair of worsted weight socks (the Red Heart Strata) while it is still cold enough to wear them. Although it is supposed to be 50* on Monday. Just long enough to get us used to warmer weather and then it will probably be freezing again and snow. Ah well. Spring will come soon enough. I'll be glad because I am getting a little tired of staying home since it is so cold. Really, who wants to go out in it?
Going to Trader Joe's on Monday for some groceries. They have really good and fresh portobella mushroons and baby bellas. I am going to make a pasta sauce out of them. Mmmmm. Must go get a snack to go with my tea...Jasmine Estate that is very tasty.

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Robin said...

Cute flower power sweater! I went in a Trader Joe's once in Boone, NC. Loved it! Stayed in there forever just looking around. Wish we had a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's close. Thanks for sharing the sweater!!