Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's a picture of the almost completed intarsia sweater for K. This is my first intarsia project and it was much easier than I thought. I really enjoyed it and I think it has turned out really well. I just have to finish the front and sew it together and pick up the neck. I will be glad to have it finished so I can start on some more socks for me!

Met with Jill and A. last night for "art"night. We went to Barnes and Noble down the street this time and decided to go across the street to Panera so they could have some soup. It was cold out again so it was nice to be somewhere warm . Well, warm is a relative term. I always find Panera to be quite chilly and last night was no exception. When the heat was running it was nice but then it would go off but they still have the fan running. Brrrrrr!

Jill and I worked on the scarf kal and managed to get the next bit done. I suppose it's right but it's rather hard to tell since we really aren't quite sure if we are doing it correctly. Still, it looks similar to the picture so it works for me. We did get to see the elusive A. working on some knitting(shhhhh,we don't want to scare her so be wery,wery quiet!). She decided to bring the scarf and knit along with us. Yah! and we were very glad. She's kind of blurry but you get the picture.

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