Friday, November 28, 2008

It just seems like everything has been just a toss-up this week. I never have any problem with payments to anywhere with checks and this month I have had trouble with the (place you pay your taxes...who wants to write that?) saying they didn't get my check. Never mind they cashed it and then very nicely deducted it from my stimulus check. Now they owe me money but I'm sure it will be awhile before I see it.
Now my movie club is saying the same thing. They cashed the check electronically and the bank says they have to produce the check but we all know how that's going to play out. At least I have the statement that has it written on it.
And now one of the libraries that I go to (here in Ohio you can belong to any counties' library as long as you have an active drivers license.) So I had checked out some dvd's and books and then returned them in 7 days. With this library you can only keep dvds for 7 days and cannot renew them. So I make sure that I return everything on that 7th day. So I took them all back on the 13th and today I get an email saying that I have 2 overdue dvds. Well, I triple-checked before taking them back (to ensure this doesn't happen!) and had to return them inside the library because the book drop was blocked off due to workmen replacing the roof. Why wait over 2 weeks before notifying me? And, of course, I don't have them. Due to the triple-checking you know. Grrrr. It just gets annoying when one thing happens right after another.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a very laid-back day. The Tofurky was great and I made some fabulous homemade mushroom gravy. Mom and sis chowed down on turkey and other turkey day food and we watched movies while digesting food. And as soon as we felt a little space it was time to eat more! No, not really but it kind of felt that way. I did get some knitting done while the movie watching was going on...a nifty cabled neckwarmer that worked on quite fast.
Here are a couple of shots of the yarn for my Andean Chullo hat kit from You can go and look at a picture of it that is much better than the ones that I've attempted to take.
But I do like KnitPicks sock yarn-Palette. And the colors are very pretty. The nice thing about the kit is you can get more than one hat from it if you switch the colors. Hats for me and sis!

Sorry about my whining post...I'm sure it will be better tomorrow!


Daniele said...

So sorry for all of the notices you received that weren't correct. It's the dang muggles, you know..... :)

Love the Palette too. I use it for a lot of stuff. You can't beat the price.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Irascible Housewife said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope everything works itself out with a minimum of effort. At least Thanksgiving went well! Mmmm, mushroom gravy...