Saturday, November 08, 2008

This is Berrocco Sox and makes a lovely sock for mom. I am almost finished with the second one and then will start on the last pair for her. Until she gets more sock yarn for me! The next pair will be out of KnitPicks Palette which makes nice socks.

Just been working on another pair of socks for mom. Been rather a boring week here so knitting was able to be accomplished.

Went to Whole Foods earlier and picked up my Tofurky for Thanksgiving.( The only bad thing was they were having a chili-cooking contest and the place absolutely REEKED from the meat. I couldn't even stay but to do some rudimentary shopping. Just yuck.) I've not had one before so I'm looking forward to it. Heard they are pretty good and I have some great leftover recipes from this month's issue of Vegetarian Times. So I figured, why not? I have never liked any "thanksgiving" type food...turkey, stuffing(ugh),and the rest so I used to eat a bowl of Cap'n Crunch while everyone else did the carnivore thing. Which was fine by me. But since I've been cooking more (not my favorite thing but then again, neither is starving) I've been making more of the meals. I made all the food to eat at Christmas last year and I suppose this time as well. I get exhausted when making more than one or two dishes. I suppose it's the stress of cooking and not feeling very good at it. But I've got some great vegan cookbooks and have made (at least to me) some wonderful things. Plus, I make stuff for Amanda and I to take to artnight on Mondays to eat. Went and bought some insulated lunchbags at Wally's and some insulated containers to hold soup and/or pasta etc. and have enjoyed being able to eat some decent food instead of fries or something fast food. I'm going to make a leek quiche tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed.

It finally got cooler here this weekend. Unfortunately it went from mid-70*'s to mid-40*'s and it's chilly! Not even a gradual decline. But I did get to wear my Evangeline wristwarmers today and ...oh so warm. I think I shall have to knit another pair of a different pattern. I really like having a pair to just toss in my purse (along with my sock-in-progress)and be able to slide them on when my hands are cold. Plus they are quite pretty. At least in my estimation. It's hard to decide just which pattern though. So maybe I make a few different pairs. We shall see.

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