Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks for the comments. Things are better here today. Called the library earlier and they went to see if both of the dvds were on the shelf. Voila! and there they were. So one problem solved.
Then the broadband bill came and they STILL hadn't credited us for the week and a half that we were without computer access. Finally got ahold of someone that assured me it was taken care off and deducted the late fees as well. Good.
The sock yarn I found at Michaels yesterday and I figured I could have a pair of socks for $7.00 which isn't bad. It's Kroy and I haven't knitted with it before but seems pretty nice.
Isn't this the prettiest? I wish you could feel how soft. It's from Cascade and it's 100% alpaca and over 200 yards. I think it wants to be a cowl/neckwarmer and matching wristwarmers. And did I mention how soft it is?


Irascible Housewife said...

Yay, I'm so glad your problems are getting fixed! Nice yarn, too!

Robin said...

I hate when they claim you haven't paid when you have. We're getting "courtesy" calls from the bank that has our mortgage and equity line saying that our payment is overdue. The payment is due within a range and there's like 8 days to go! I think I have some Kroy in my sock stash. I like the color you chose. I petted some of that alpaca yarn at a shop and it's NICE!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Daniele said...

Glad some of the problems were solved! I have knitted with the Kroy, it's not that bad for the price. I've washed and dried the socks too, and they didn't felt too much.

The alpaca is gorgeous. There are so many new cowl designs out there, go have fun!! :)