Friday, January 23, 2009

Here is one of the socks that I've been working on for sis. Had to have something easy to work on when the hat was just too much. The colors don't really show up too well...they are BRIGHT!! I call it "supernova" and I am almost finished with the second one. I can't find the label anywhere so I can't tell you what company it's from but it's fingering weight and a nice yarn.
And yes, I'm still moving along on the hat. Here's the first earflap. I finished it last night and I'm pretty pleased with it. I went to the lys today and bought a yarn guide to help me with the two strands of yarn. I'm not sure if I think it'll work or not but I've been knitting with color A and then dropping it and picking up color B. A little slow but seems to be working okay. I seem to have the same tension between the two colors so I will take it. I plan on trying to learn one new technique every project this year. I'd like to learn entrelac next. There's a cool pattern for socks that I've had my eye on. So we'll see.

Here's the mug that I'm having my tea in today. I had one in blue but it got broken. :(
But it's very pretty and just the right size.
Had a reprieve in the weather the 50*'s! Woohoo. Ran a few errands, went to the library and then had a fabulous lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet. So good. And they have a wonderful Mongolian grill that you can choose your raw ingredients and they cook it up to order right then. I had a plateful of vegetables with ginger sauce and extra spicy. Mmmmm. No peach buns for dessert though. Too bad 'cause they are great. Filled with a lightly sweetened red bean paste. I could eat my fill, especially with a nice hot cup of green tea.

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Irascible Housewife said...

1.) You mean that sock is actually BRIGHTER than the picture? OMG!
2.) I was planning on making entrelac my next lesson, too. :)
3.) Nice teacup!
4.) Green tea and azuki bean paste... yum. :) Green tea goes very well with chocolate, too. Especially matcha.