Monday, January 26, 2009

OH NO!! It's the white death....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's here and it's going to get worse. At least I have knitting. Moving right along on my hat. It's now set up in the round so I think I will really get some speed now.
Here's a shot of my dinner from last night. Yum. It's linguine with spinach and craisins with a tamari/maple glaze. Very fast and easy to make and absolutely fabulous! (if I do say so myself).
Here is the guest haiku for the week (thanks Amanda!).
I have big clown feet.
My friends call me sideshow freak.
I like my cool socks.
Well, hopefully we won't have as much snow as they are predicting. I actually think we'll have more. Yuck. Plus the sleet/freezing rain makes it that much more fun. Went to the library today and stocked up on some dvd's and books on tape so I'm set. And my KnitPicks order came today. Woohoo! So I'm going to dye my sock yarn in a day or two using the cool Kool-aid (I know,I know.Redundant) that I picked up the other day. Black cherry, strawberry, lemon-lime and grape. I think it will look quite neat. Well, unique anyway. But as long as I'm happy. And my feet will smell like cotton candy which is always a plus...teehee.


Irascible Housewife said...

Pretty pasta! Linguine is my favorite long pasta type. It's thick enough to keep company with large chunks of vegetables or tofu, yet thin enough to accompany the lightest white wine and herb sauce. It also pairs wonderfully with a chunky tomato sauce and those great Trader Joe's vegan "meatballs"!

Don't let those albino brain suckers get ya! ;)

Robin said...

I think I need that recipe! Sounds delicious!!!!