Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here's what I did today. Yummy, no? My first attempt at using yeast and I think they came out looking good. And they are tasty. And I made a "cream cheese" (vegan) icing that really makes them great. I also made coriander bread, curried lentil and spinach soup and cauliflower and pasta curry. Figured I might as well cook.
Eeek. Snow day! At the very least. Right now we have 4" of snow and it's now freezing rain/sleeting. Supposed to get at least 1/2" of ice tonight then an additional 4-6" of the crazy white stuff. Glad I'm home all safe and sound. Wearing my nice fleecy jimjams that I received for Christmas. So soft and warm.
Didn't get alot of knitting done today due to the baking but finished a pair of newborn booties and am working on the hat. Probably will finish that tonight. 'Cause I'm obviously not going anywhere tomorrow! Or the day after that either at this point.
Hope everyone is warm and safe. Enjoy the evening.


Irascible Housewife said...

Wow, nice-looking cinnamon rolls. Kudos, I know how much work goes into making those from scratch... and I thought you didn't like to cook! ;)

Robin said...