Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here's what it looked like from the front door at my house yesterday and Tuesday. Although Tuesday it was icing for the majority of the day.
The house is covered with a lovely layer of ice. And the icicles hanging off the porch roof could kill you.
And we are supposed to get another "major'' storm at the beginning of next week. Charming.

Tired from trying to get some of the ice (3/4'' thick in some places) off the driveway and the walk.
But on the upside, I've gotten quite a bit of knitting done. All of the baby things for Amanda's friend's shower. And at least I have things to watch on dvd. I'd never seen Ugly Betty and am enjoying it.

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The Holistic Knitter said...

Wow - so much snow and ice. I know it's a problem for you, but I'd love to experience it ... we hardly ever get snow here where I live in Wales. ;0)