Thursday, January 08, 2009

Still slogging away on the Daily Sweater. Only 2" more on the ribbing on the left sleeve and then the right sleeve. I think I may not have a problem with the neckline after all. It still looks kind of big when I try it on but it may be okay. I will wait until it's finished and see. I think I have a way to fix it though if I do decide it needs work.

Cool washcloth, no? A wonderful Christmas prezzie from F-J. Such a good knitting job and some fabulous handmade soap.....mmmmmm.
Cold today. Ran a few errands and came back home. It was nice to be at home and this afternoon I took a wonderful, long nap. I usually don't sleep much if I do nap but today it was just the right kind of day and I was the right kind of tired and the couch was comfortable and the soft, fleecy microfiber throw was just sooooo soft. Ahhhh.

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Irascible Housewife said...

Those washcloths really are nice. So soft and they hold in suds unbelievably well!

Good luck with the sweater neck!