Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here's a blurry picture of the "beast". The camera phone doesn't take the greatest pictures but you get the general idea. I do actually like it alot...very warm especially with the Irish hiking scarf wrapped around my neck. I made it a size too big so it would be good and roomy and it closes like a double-breasted coat. I think I might get some toggles to put on for closures. I didn't make any buttonholes because I didn't think it would work well with it.
I have started the cabled mittens to match and am about half finished with them.
Pattern Specifications:
Pattern is from the Lion Brand website and is the One stitch adult jacket.
I didn't change anything to the pattern except leaving off the buttonholes.
Would I knit it again? ...maybe. It was an easy knit, all garter stitch but booorrrriiinnnngggg. But I do like how it fits. So comfortable and warm.
Off to knit on the mittens. More later.

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