Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ta dah!! Pictures. I finally figured out how to send from my phone so here are some. This is my new mug...pretty isn't it? Right now it's full of Cranberry-Autumn tea mmmmm)www.harney.com. Go there now...I'll wait. I think their tea is the absolute best. They also let you order up to 5 samples @ $2.00 each so you can try them. Which one is my favorite? Depends on what I'm drinking. I think my absolute favorite is the White Christmas tea. Just delicious. Of course, the cranberry-autumn is very tasty. The Paris is so smooth and subtle but then again the Bangkok is fabulous. Okay,okay. I like many, many of them. Order a free catalog and peruse at leisure. While knitting of course.
Go here for a contest (and it makes you want to overcome your fears and knit!) www.lotusknitter.blogspot.com

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