Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The view coming back from the library. See the lovely fall trees? I'm glad you enjoyed them because the trees are almost bare now. A day of wind and rain has stripped them. But at least it was warm. In the 60*s but tomorrow it is going to be cold. But the good thing about that is mittens are done!! I will need them tomorrow. Of course I'm not going anywhere except to buy the paper. All the cooking for turkey day is finished...a. and m. eat all the traditional turkey stuff and mine is all vegan. I made the most fabulous Carmel Apple bake. mmmmm. I will definately enjoy that. As will everyone else.
Now that the mittens are done I am going to finish A.s sock and then knit on my toe-up socks. I will have pictures of the mittens. Hope everyone has a fabulous turkey day and gets to eat until we all pop!!

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