Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling much better headache-wise, thanks. I still have the sinus/allergies (what a surprise!). But that's normal so let's move on.

I hear that it's actually going to be fall-like weather starting tomorrow. I am excited. Even have my lounging pj's all ready to slip into tomorrow evening and am ready to cozy up with a nice cuppa hot chai. Or some spiced apple cider. Some time ago I bought some fabulous mulling spices at Williams Sonoma and they are just delicious in some warm apple cider.
Here's a not very great shot of the newest sock for mom. It's KnitPicks Palette and the color is Fawn. Just a plain sock but very pretty. More of a carmel color. About 3/4ths through the second one so maybe I'll finish it tomorrow while watching season 4 of Numbers.
Then I promise to finish up some of those UFO's that are teasing me. I did work on the sock monkey hat but that was only to place it on the circulars that I finally did buy the other day. Well, you know, when you have a 50% off coupon and JoAnn's has the needle size, it's just wrong not to use it since the company was so nice to send it out and all.
Here's a meme that I thought was kind of amusing. Certainly does "date" us though! Join in if you want!
Ten Bands/Artists that remind you of high school:
1.John Denver
3.The Go-Go's
4.Abba (don't judge me)
8.Pat Benatar
9.REO Speedwagon
10.England Dan & John Ford Coley.

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Irascible Housewife said...

Oh, I am so stealing that meme!