Monday, October 27, 2008

These are another pair of plain knit socks done in the Berrocco Comfort socks. They do knit up so soft. And the colors are very muted but nice.
Here is the current sock project. Berrocco Comfort Socks in red. Just a plain knit (the yarn harlot's plain sock pattern from Knitting Rules!).

Finally! The sock monkey hat is finished and now at it's new home. So glad to have it off the needles. I went up a size needles and fits sis's head just fine. Was sewing up the ear seams as she came to pick me up for art night tonight.

Brrrr. Cold one tonight. I don't mind that it is cold but gosh, it sure could've changed gradually. Going down into the lower 30*s overnight so glad to have my flannel jimjams on with a steaming cup of vanilla apricot white tea by my side.

Yes, I'm still not working on the celtic poncho. Mom wanted more socks and you just can't turn down someone asking for handknits, right? Luckily she only wants plain knit ones so they don't take too long to knit. I am going to cheat and cast on a pair of fingerless gloves from a pattern I found on Ravelry...they are called Evangiline and they are either a wrist length or an elbow length. I'm going for the shorter ones and the Irascible Housewife is going for the longer ones. She knitted the coolest pair of cabled ones that are GORGEOUS and the greatest color. And they look so warm. I was jealous of them tonight...(.well, my hands sure were). heehee.
And sis is now on Ravelry....woohoo! Good for her. I'm sure that we will all overwhelm her with groups and things to do. She is almost finished knitting the scarf she had been working on and it looks great. She should be very proud. She really picked up knitting continental much better than I. And she is much faster also.
Think I'll refill my tea and knit for a little while. Have a great night.

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Irascible Housewife said...

Oops, I seem to have fallen behind in my blog-reading and here I've received an honorable mention! Thanks for the comments about my long fingerless gloves. I must admit that I am in love with them, too. :)